Voynich Manuscript

As I’ve said before, I’m in love with the mysteries of the world. I might actually make this blog about that very topic.

Today I was thinking I would talk about the Voynich Manuscript. I’m so fascinated with it. I think it would be amazing to see it in person.

For those who don’t know, the Voynich Manuscript is a mysterious script, I believe to have originally ‘discovered’ in the thirteenth century. It’s a large book containing a language that is seemingly unknown to man, as well as paintings and depictions of creatures and plants that have never been known to exist. Some believe it to be written in an encoded version of Latin, though even the world’s smartest minds cannot figure it out.

The pictures of plants and creatures that don’t exist and an unknown language are what draws me to this one. I believe in aliens, although I think they are human, just like us. However, they might speak a different or even advanced form of Latin. I’m just throwing theories out here.

Hypotheses range from aliens to unknown and lost civilizations and even the thought or idea of someone with severe psychosis writing and drawing out their hallucinations.

As I’ve said, I think it would it would incredible to see in person. I’m one of those people that loves to dream about the possibility of being the one that solves it. Linguists have looked at through magnifying glass for years, looking for possible discrepancies within the writing. One can potentially and theoretically make something unreadable if they stretch the character or letter that they’re writing to exactly twice or third times the original length. It’s possible that the author could have rearranged letters and words to make it difficult to read.

Now, what do I think about it, personally? I think it is something valuable, and I do believe it can be solved. I believe that it could very well be a large link or even a missing piece of our distant past that we have tried so incredibly hard to put together. I also think it’s possible that some type of ‘alien’ that was very early on earth could have written about their own planet, but could have died later before being able to properly communicate. That idea fascinates me the most.

I’d also like to believe that I could potentially solve it. But perhaps I’m just an overly-ambitious person.

Now…what do you think it is?


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