Do you believe in ghosts?

More than half of the population in the United States believe in ghosts, and have even experienced some things themselves. And me? I’m all about the supernatural. I love the idea of anything that doesn’t fit within society’s bubble, and the idea of ghosts would have to be my all-time favorite.

There are different types of ghosts, but I will discuss them at a later date. For today, I want to talk about their essence; that is, what they actually are.

We’ve all heard the classic story of someone dying a horrible death and their spirit coming back to haunt where they inhabited their life. Their home, or another beloved place in that person’s life can be considered ‘haunted’ by this spirit, either maliciously or otherwise. But are ghosts actually spirits of the dead, or something more? Does someone have to die terribly to manifest as a spirit, or is that myth?

The beliefs of what ghosts actually are scales quite a large range. Some believe that classic adage: ghosts are spirits of the dead. Though, there are others who believe differently. There are those that believe a ‘ghost’ is concentrated energy, some believe they are aliens, and others believe that they are nothing but a trick of the mind.

But what about the human soul? Can it manifest itself in such a way after leaving the body? Perhaps we’ll never know the real answer to that one. But I certainly believe in ghosts. I’ve even seen a few.

After all, if ghosts aren’t real, then who can explain sounds without origin, seemingly intelligent mist in the form of a spirit, or disembodied voices?

I’m sure that there was a time where everyone believed in ghosts. I also believe there has been a time where everyone thought ghosts to be the trick of sleep deprivation, thirst, or hunger. Some even believed these entities could only be seen by ‘crazy people’ who saw things no one else saw, now known to either have a form of psychosis, or to be a genuine psychic.

Now, I’m no psychic, but I have seen things, and I have noticed things. I used to have some cats when I was little, and they died years ago. Slowly, I’ve seen, felt, or heard them come back from time to time just to say ‘hello’. I also have a vague familiarity of buildings from the Victorian Era, back in the nineteenth century. Does mean that I could have seen something I don’t remember?

I don’t know.

Despite the endless hoards of literature and pop culture surrounding these phenomena, (who ya gonna call!?), there is little definitive proof that such things exist. Not enough to convince those who don’t believe in them, at least. But still…with so much history and so many things across the world pointing in a very similar direction…could it all be a coincidence? I don’t think so.

Well? What do you think? Are ghosts real, or are they nothing but a trick of the mind; something that has cleverly fooled us for generations?


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