Nella Sings

Do you hear her? Do you hear her sing? The way she belts out those melodies and, frees that urge within her that tugs at her soul, echoing low in the fields of green?

Can you see her? Dressed in white, her hair dark brown and tangled from the bitter wind and damp air. She is someone long forgotten. Perhaps she would have been remembered, but the odds weren’t in her favor. At least, not on that one night. The night she lost that thing we call life. The night she thought she’d lost all bits of humanity left within her.

But she didn’t.

Deep within her, a soul appears. She is now that soul, void of a body, but not void of spirit. She once thought that souls didn’t exist, and that a body was simply the only way a person lived. No, a body is a vessel, a boat in which to float through life and see the things that are to be seen and do the things that are to be done.

Though she may have lost that boat, her ‘life’ carries on. She has come to believe that without the shell of her body, she has become free, and that she still lives. In that mortal coil, she didn’t know what she does now.

And now Nella is retreating to the ambient sounds of the forest, quiet in the night. But still, as the night falls, and the people of her generation forget her existence, she sings.

Her voice echoes across generations in a way that her body never could.


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