Can You Make Money From Taking Surveys?

I have serious physical disabilities, and I’ve been sick my whole life; therefore, I cannot hold down a job. I’ve tried to get jobs at various stores and restaurants, but no one will hire me because I don’t have job experience, and because I’m physically sick. Of course, I can walk, I can speak, I can do things most people can do, but I need to take many breaks, and I become very exhausted after even thirty minutes of working on something. Not to mention that the ‘not having job experience’ can’t be helped when no one is willing to hire me because I don’t have previous experience. See the plot hole there?

Anyway, it wasn’t long ago that I looked online for alternate ways to make money. Thankfully I receive enough money for a few reasons that I am able to live comfortably; but I still wanted to make a little extra. I mean, when you are a disabled person, upon getting something like disability, there is often a statement that goes like this: “You must maintain being a functioning member of society.”

In my journey looking for ways to earn money on the side, I came across numerous sites stating that I could make some money doing surveys. So, of course, I jumped in. I don’t really have anything to lose seeing as I don’t have a day job, and I struggle to take care of myself anyway (it’s getting better, though). So, I started doing surveys.

And I earned even less than the websites specified.

Being a white Caucasian woman in her early twenties living with little life experience doesn’t go very far. I was disqualified from almost every survey I tried to take, simply because ‘the desired demographic has been reached’. That was extremely – and increasingly – frustrating to me as it continued to say that to me more and more. The frustration was only exacerbated by not being able to earn money in other ways.

A lot of people ask, in short, whether they can make money from surveys. My answer? Try it, but you won’t make much. The sad thing is, they’re not trying to be racist, but when you fit into the majority where you are white, female, and in your twenties…there’s not much of a chance. It was very frustrating for me.

If you need to earn money, I would recommend playing on your strengths, or things that you genuinely love to do rather than trying to get money answering questions when it’s not worth the money.

Are you good at art? The ‘starving artist’ thing is a lie. Good at writing? Start a blog like this one. Good at baking? Start a baking website, write a book, or start a YouTube channel dedicated to your own recipes. It isn’t too difficult to make money in this world, but it can be if you limit yourself. One thing I’ve found is that when people say that it’s difficult to ‘make it’ – meaning that it’s difficult to gather traction for a YouTube channel or for a blog like this one – it’s not really difficult in the work aspect, it’s difficult in the aspect of keeping up, providing content, having passion, and not giving up.

What about you? Have you tried surveys? What was your experience?


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