I Love You

Wandering within the moment, all while falling from grace. What I wouldn’t do to see your face. Something so divine within this once-empty shell of mine; something I will never forget within this lifetime.

So take my hand, we won’t go far. Or perhaps we’ll go beyond the stars. Through the Milky Way, through the network of galaxies to the center of the universe design just for us.

Don’t let go my love, my desire for you is like a snow-white dove, clear and innocent, within the realms of grace.

So be my ace, my special everything. Be my love that makes those heavens sing.

What is freedom? I wouldn’t know. I’d suppose it’s the place where you’d go to meet me, beyond that tree of life in the garden where there is no fight.

If we let go of weapons, will it yield peace? Will we truly be able to sit and eat with families, with friends up to no end, not knowing the battle of others around us. Honey, we won’t know what surrounds us. But that’s okay, because as long as I’m with you, one thing is true: I love you.


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