Fall From Grace

As I fall from grace, when you see my face will you still love me? As I fall from grace, the cherry blossoms fall to the pavement beneath me, showing their alliance.

Shooting stars as they fall from their own place, am I not alone in this frightening facet of loneliness? Am I not solitary in my fight for openness?

The author of my own life, it should be my right to place things where I want them. But often those things have a different plan, something that I’m beginning to understand.

To recollect that future happiness, or what I thought would come from it – I would have to find my own beautiful nest. I’d build it high in the sky so that I may see the planets soar by on their paths through eternity. I would allow the pads of my bare feet leave the earth, daring to fly up to where I’d never be found.

I desire that night, as stars align and I can study the cities’ light. I desire that very eternal peace that comes to me as I watch the Milky Way turn, so fast it could it could burn us if it chose to. But it chose not to. It has given us life, so why not more? Why not explore what it has to offer, because as my feet lift off the ground I do not have wings – I am defying gravity. I am denying it its reign.

Because it will never hold me back again.


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