Eyes Anew

As gratitude fills my chest, I find myself dancing on a whim. Finding something that I’d thought I’d lost; something I’d once known during childhood. The ability to be happy, and the ability to love myself and feel that I have worth.

Oh, how I would love to jump into a crystal-clear body of water, to let it surround me with its life and to pull me under into another dimension. Flower petals on the surface of pink and blue, I do not struggle to breathe because I am part of the water, too. Something that is just so new, I’m so grateful that I grew.

Thank you so much for everything, as I find myself breathing in the air of tranquility and the eternal dance of grace. As I myself have fallen from grace, I have found myself upon my feet once again. I never thought I’d have to face these fears, but now that I have, there’s nothing that holds me back.

I am eternal; I am new. I am tried and I am true. I am thankful and I am filled with love and happiness for myself and those around me, because God blesses everyone who is willing to see the miracles He provides. Because I am filled with the blessings now that I’ve opened my eyes.

Perhaps I’ve suffered enough; perhaps the lessons I’ve needed to learn are learned for now. And perhaps I can sink into this new reality, knowing that I can sing truthfully and no longer be afraid of my own voice. I no longer see it as noise, but a melody that belts out in perfect pitch, granting my wish.

Oh, to be the singer I wish to be. To look out upon the audience I wish to see. I will someday, and that day shall come soon. As I work on original music, I find myself breathing with the life of the moon. I find myself glowing like the sun, and I twinkle as the stars shine. What was once night is now bright. And before I know it, I will look out upon that audience and know that I am no longer voiceless. I will know that my original lyrics resonate with every soul that stands within that building; and I will know that as I travel the world doing the things I’ve always wanted to do that I will find my strength even more so to be true.

Allow me to write these lullabies in a way that makes me cry, for they are as honest as a child’s smile, as true as an infant’s laughter. And now, as I continue I will view my life with new eyes.

…I hope you can see it, too.


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