Yet infinite in understanding, my feet reach the pavement. My soul enlighten; my spirit brightened. I know now…I know now what I am missing. I know and understand this now.

I just need to fight as I always have. For just a little longer…allow myself to cry but wake up stronger. And yet as the desire for freedom gnaws at me, I continue to walk forward, stumbling as I go.

Foolish I feel, to have thought myself to be so broken. Now I kneel, my heart open. As you listen to this plea, consider me. Listen with all your might as I have regained my fight. I sped forward foolishly, thinking that I could beat the game. I forgot the significance of my own name.

Now comes the apology, uttered from my lips and swept away through the wind as this apology is needless. I know that, yet I still find it escaping from me as easily as exhaled breath.

My torn heart can be reborn. My thoughts are worn. Weary with exhaustion, and ready to relax.

As I have tried to love myself, I never thought myself worthy. This pain within me causes me to worry as I write these words, that perhaps as others read, they may not understand. But that is a risk I’m willing to take. And just as I’m willing to take that risk, I’m willing to take this one. The risk of continuing forward; the risk of not letting fight die.

Because I will never let my fight die.


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