Chronicling the journey of my own past and sorting it into nicely neat segments; I have finally found some peace. Feeling that release within my chest, I find myself able to breathe again. I find myself searching for something new; something that will change me for real. Something that will help these scars completely heal.

Do they really care enough about my words to read them? I’d like to believe they do.

Listening to Paramore tracks and watching the world get brighter as the sun rises. Sitting next to my best friend Ace and knowing he loves me as he watches over me each night. It’s something I’ve gotten used to, something that brings so much peace to my weary mind.

Yearning for those miracles but knowing I already have them. They manifest within my mind, they breathe inside my lungs. Somehow I know that I am the one that will receive everything I’ve ever wanted here as I have searched for all I ever needed. And reiterating the past is no good, I’ll find myself reach out to that nothingness again. So I look to the future, and I find that skin within me healed, albeit with scars that I’m strangely proud of.

It’s been over a decade. I made it. I’m making it to everything I’ve ever fought for, and now these wounds…they heal.


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