Born to Fly

Blue neon lights on a sign outside a gas stop, voices in her head telling her to run. Something inside her mind is telling her that she cannot stay here, that she isn’t welcome.

While her mind is something else, her appearance is dull and something you’d expect outside a gas stop or convenience store. Tattered blue jeans and an over-sized t shirt. Stale donuts and bitter hot chocolate. In her sneakers, she skids her toe across the asphalt, causing pebbles to come loose and tumble across the ground.

She is not free, but she is not contained. She simply is, and as she sips her hot cocoa, she finds this very thing to be her problem.

Once empty, she crushes the cup, tossing it to the ground and walks away. The dimly lit area is not somewhere you’d expect a young woman in her early twenties to be. With her brown hair and green eyes, she could look nice with a dress and some better shoes; she could maybe even look beautiful. But that isn’t her desire, and so she tones down anything that could make her stand out from the crowd. She has had to run before, and she doesn’t want to have to run again.

And still, somehow, she finds herself pondering that very thought. Running away, she thinks. Not a bad idea. But something within her tells her that she can’t do it. She has obligations; places to be, people to take care of. So here she comes at night, to take a break and get away from the fear of the deaths of her loved ones and the irritations of everyday life.

Soon, though, it’ll all change. Little does she know her world will change for the better, in ways that she can’t begin to foresee. For her, it has never been easy. But somehow, in her effort to make herself blend in, she blatantly stands out amongst the other strangers that walk in and out of the store.

With a long sigh, she makes her way back home, less than a mile away. As she walks, she thinks about the future. will she ever get away?

Of course, she tells herself. Because I was born to fly. 


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