Behind These Words

As I have been a writer and as I write these words, I have always feared writing what I truly felt, what I truly believed, as well as my own opinions. I suppose this is a little more candid than other posts. But I’ve been paralyzed with fear for several minutes, trying to decide whether or not to write this post.

But I’m not going to let these fears destroy me. I am going to triumph, I am going to revel in the spirit of the warrior that I am, and know that despite the fact that I have been bullied in the past for simple opinions (bullied pretty brutally I might add, as well as threatened and blackmailed), I will not allow that to stop me again. I will never allow it to stop me again. So even as I type these words with the fear I feel and dread I taste, I will step past that threshold. They can’t hold me back if I don’t let them, and soon enough, their words fade into nothing but background noise. The opinions I’ve had and things I’ve wanted to say have been something I’ve been very frightened to tell, because I’ve been silenced before. Then, when I tried to explain, I was told I was ‘crying wolf’. ‘Being dramatic’ and ‘lying for attention’. But I’ve gotten this my whole life.

No longer will I let these bullies of my past rule my present, nor will I let them determine my future. So, here are some things about me; some opinions I don’t usually share, and some things that make me uniquely me:

I am easily impressionable, believing instantly everything I hear

I’m not proud of that

A real man is a man who will do anything to make his children happy

I think it’s pathetic to back out on taking care of someone just because you don’t want to help and would rather spend time doing what you want to do (I have a specific person in mind for this, but I’m not going into details)

I believe that the world can, at some point, truly be a land of peace

I believe in humans on other planets and I am determined to be the one that discovers them and makes first contact…somehow

A father should get just as much leave when having a newborn infant as a mother does

It is because of people that cheat the system that it is now so hard to get health insurance

Ignorance is the thing I hate the most in this world

I love sweets, and I like to eat something sweet everyday

Someday I want to live in Japan

I want to become one of the best-selling authors in history, and even as I fear saying that, I know that it is who I am, and as I write this, I hope that you enjoyed learning a little bit about the woman behind the words



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