Secrets and Never Quitting

Putting yourself out there is hard, and it’s scary. But it’s also rewarding. Knowing and feeling the relief I do when I finally let those barriers down is wonderful.

I’m a very wistful person. That’s how I would describe myself. Not only that, but I’m a host of contradictions. I love to go out in public, but I also prefer to stay home in my room. Im aggressive but I go out of my way to do kind things for other people. I speak bluntly, but my voice is very soft.

So, here’s another secret of mine: I’m determined to become the world’s first (or at least youngest) trillionaire.

I know, super ambitious. But possible. Entirely possible because for those that know me very closely and personally, they would tell you that I have a determination to be reckoned with. I’m very stubborn, and when I’m going for something, I don’t ever allow myself to back out.

Here’s another secret: I’ve never quit anything in my entire life. I’ve never quit, whether it’s as big as fighting for my dreams the past eleven years, or as small as making sure that I can remember to drink two liters of water each day (I have some pretty bad memory issues). But I’m happy that I’ve never quit, because, the way I see it, once I quit on something no matter how small it is I will be opening a door that I will never be able to close no matter how hard I try. The door that I can walk through that gives my mind permission to quit anything and everything. Once I’ve done something once, I might as well have done it a thousand times.

And I refuse to let that happen.


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