Ambitions Part 1

So, small update. Going to the Dr tomorrow so I won’t be able to write as much. Anyway, moving on.

I thought I’d talk about some of things I’m interested in/want to do. *deep breath* here we go.

I want to eventually start a YouTube channel where I do various things such as talk about books (it’s called BookTube; a channel completely dedicated to books). I also want to do covers of me singing some of my favorite songs, and they will be studio quality because I plan on building a studio and learning countless musical instruments. Next, I want to do let’s plays which are basically where you record yourself playing video games (one of my passions) and put in on YouTube. It’s very popular.

Next, I want to livestream different things on my Twitch channel, like art and video games that I prefer to play live.

I’m very interested in writing right now (obviously) and I have so many little ideas for potential novels, and I’m going to work on those.

I’ve been really into Fall Out Boy lately; I just discovered their music. And I love it. I’m also really excited about finding really talented YouTubers because I would like to start a record label and sign artists who have never been signed before and I love their music.

Finally, I want to start a charity and do everything I can for those in need.

Well, I’ve got a lot more than that, but that’s all I’m going to include in this post. I’m sorry for this post being a little jumbled up, I am exhausted.

Thanks for reading. I definitely will be discussing more ambitions later on.


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