Every day it seems that this world gets a little crazier. Watching the politics in my country is more insane than you’d think. I also have been watching some videos about books on YouTube lately, and I noticed something. A sort of trend: what should people do with ‘bad’ books? Books that are filled with hate, or send a bad message or just simply make you feel awful inside as you read it?

My mother taught me a lot of things growing up, and one of the things she taught me that I value the most is that nothing in this world is ‘bad’. There are no bad people, but simply people who made poor decisions. There is no such thing as a bad book because it is someone’s creation. Just as you can’t judge one artist next to another to discern which is better, you can’t place two authors together and compare which is better. My reasoning behind this is simple; if one writer has a sophisticated writing style but dull stories, are they a good or bad writer? And the other one, maybe their writing style isn’t as polished but their stories are engaging. In this scenario, which is the better writer?

Neither, because they both need work. Just as everyone has to work on themselves to grow, so do writer’s. Does that mean they’re bad if their story isn’t as engaging as another? No. They simply need to work on methods that they can incorporate to engage the readers.

I’m so grateful my mother taught me to look at the world in this way because it not only allows me to level-headed in areas but to also approach a situation with the full intention of valuing both sides.

I don’t pick sides. I see pros and cons in both. I don’t even pick a favorite color because every color is beautiful to me.

So, however the world – or people on YouTube – might judge things, there are no bad people, and there are no bad creations by people. There are no bad perspectives because we all see things in a different light, through a different lens.

That’s what I believe. That’s what I know to be true.


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