Things made of crystal and sweet butterflies. All of these little things make us wise. Deep within the mountainside, in a cabin it lies.

Swift words and herds of cattle mingling outside, with not a thought of what’s behind the doors.

But it would not be a horror, no. It would be full of beauty. Things turned to crystal and brought back to life now my duty. My pointed ears and nose, no one would know. I am here, as I listen with one ear. This magic emanates from my fingertips, finally giving these crystal a glimpse of the lives they’ve missed.

I am a Restorer; someone to restore those frozen to what they were before. It is ignorance and hatred that causes these creatures this curse so sore. It has caused many a war.

So, I work alongside crystal and hide. Here within this cabin of mine. Nothing can touch me here; there is no nothing I fear.

A fairy like me can’t possibly be seen by those with a vision less keen. But still I can be known by those whose lies away they’ve thrown. And even on this mountaintop, as I restore lives, living without lies. It can be lonely to hide, but I don’t mind.

For I find much meaning and joy in this work of mine.


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