I’m filled with joy to know these words that I write are valued. I’m grateful to know that I am gaining self-esteem. It’s been so long, it seems.

Hopefully small changes will coming soon. Hopefully for more readers of my words will there be more room. How I would love for one of my posts to garner much attention, I would rather have affection. Still, I wish to viral, in these little words I draw a spiral. But not down as it always seems to be, but an upward path for me. Simple simple and sweet, success it seems to be.

I know it is not all sunshine and rainbows, but I would sure love to see where this road goes.

In a harsh world and an even harsher mind, it’s something I’m delighted to find. For even these things that will potentially hurt if I gain fame to my name, I will never see it in vain. For to me it is a blessing, a miracle working to help my dreams come true.

To be a known writer is what I’ve worked so hard for, and I hope it happens soon rather than impatience of mine becoming more. In this little imaginary grove of trees, I can sit among the leaves and dream of ease here as I please.

Oh, how I dream to make a career in writing. But perhaps…it’s already happening.


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