For Now

In love with their little eyes, I see no lies. In various colors of green and orange and blue, I am captured by the hue. They may be nothing other than felines to others, but to me, they are a lifeline.

I love to watch them in their own little personalities. I love to see their own originality. I have met so many in my life, yet no two are the same. I love picking out their name.

And now, I will dedicate myself to saving the lives of those that are lost and hurt because there was nothing more rewarding than watching my cat Ace become filled with love and happiness after all of the pain he endured for five years on the street.

I yearn to create a sanctuary for them so that I may save the ones that need to be saved, though I don’t have the ability to do so right now. But eventually I will do everything I can to fulfill that vow.

And as they may seem simple or even annoying, they have saved my life in more ways than one. There’s no way I could truly thank them for loving me unconditionally, so I will do what I can to give them a home and the same love in return.

For now, it’s all I can do.


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