This Light

In the murky depths of my mind, there is something that might just shine. Something I forgot long ago, but also something that I could not forgo. There are things in this world better left forgotten, however, this is not one of them. With a golden hue and shining just enough to be seen, it is something special that one to know it would be keen.

Enough laughter and enough style, there’s more to it than you’d ever think. It is elegant, sprayed with happiness and pierced with faith. It is the ultimate taste.

A small ball of light, glowing beams in every direction. It shall surely be your eternal soul’s resurrection. It will give you everything you need; happiness and justice if you give it heed. Forgiveness and laughter – the same that it threw away. Because you must first throw away what is stale in order to bring in what is fresh. Being new and being you, I’m sure that there are things like this to view. Things that are filled with joy and remembering those little moments that bring a smile to your lips.

So don’t let that smile fade. Let it become the pact you’ve made; the one that you think about late at night, the one that keeps you going in your fight. For you are the warrior that you seek, if only you could see. Everything you need is within your own heart. Remember that when you try to find it elsewhere. You are your own hero.

And even as I say these words, I am willing to give you this light, so that maybe, just maybe, you can put up one heck of a fight.


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