Dreaming Big

Go ahead and tell me that it isn’t possible. I’ll prove to you that I can do this. I’ll prove to you that what I dream of isn’t a pipe dream; it isn’t something that can just be silenced by the belief that it’s impossible. So go ahead, and tell me how much I can’t do it. I’ll do it anyway, and I’ll make sure that it’s the best thing that ever happened. Because in this heart of mine I am a dreamer, and I find the greatest things when I open it up and allow myself to dream. I find everything that I could possibly need, and for some reason I can’t understand why someone would tell me that my dreams are ‘impossible’ or ‘unrealistic’.

It’s not as simple as mere words, not as simple as these things that come into my mind that I fight to make a reality. They aren’t as simple as the light that fades when the sun drops below the horizon. In fact, they’re more complicated than most anything else I know. Because my dreams will become a reality, and I will fight for them to be so.

In your youth, didn’t you dream too? Didn’t you want things to happen that others told you wasn’t possible? Did you allow them to be right, to kill those dreams, and did you settle for something less?

I’m not trying to be anything other than as kind as possible. But I remember all the times I’ve been told that things aren’t possible, that I need to think smaller, that I need to stop dreaming altogether. It hurts like a knife in my chest, stinging like salt in a wound but I won’t allow these words to close my mind off and move onto smaller things. I won’t allow this pain to force me to abandon everything I’ve worked nearly twelve years for.

And in this jumbled up message of words, I know that I’m someone who can make these things happen. I know that I’m someone who can make anything happen because I have a drive that cannot be beaten. I have a drive that is stronger than that of a bull, hence my Zodiac sign of the Taurus.

So many people – including my own mother – have told me to dream smaller. They’ve told me that I can’t do it. They’ve told me that I’m unrealistic and that I’m just going to end up disappointed. Well, who ever ended up disappointed unless they gave up? How many big dreamers do we know today who never gave up when people thought they were insane but now are revered as geniuses? Too many to count.

So I will continue here on my way, and I will find the path that leads to everything I’ve ever wanted to make real. Because I will create my reality and I will make it the best reality I ever could have had.

Because dreaming big will never be bad.


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