Midnight Dance

In these days, they pass in a filtered haze. There’s nothing that can stop them, and there’s nothing I can do but simply go through with them, watching the time pass endlessly. But even in the dead of night when I suspect myself to be broken, I find myself awoken with the urge to dance. The urge to play music, no matter how difficult it might be. No matter how strange it might sound. Because in these broken melodies, there is a reason these seasons go ’round.

Cellos and violins creating the perfect background to my midnight dance, I will blow into the ocarina and fall into a trance. Finding my own soul deep within, I find my reality wearing thin. Now all that surrounds me is fantasy. Strings and woodwork, drums and woodwinds. A viola that just seems to know the correct notes to play to cause my heart to soar. It’s in these moments that I desire more.

The strange ability to find these instruments dancing around me in an eternal trance. In the air they are ghostly, playing themselves in my deepest dreams. No more nightmares, no more fears. Only music that heals the heart and resurrects the soul. Something I’ve worked so hard to find; something that will forever be mine.

And as I dance to this aimless beat of music that sings to my ears, I will remember this day in years to come. I will remember these things and the way they felt. The way the cold wooden floor grazed against my bare feet; the way the air around me bit my skin every so slightly with the chill of a winter’s night. But still, I am asleep. Asleep in my might. May I never find anything to destroy this dance. May I never have to find reality again. Because as these snowflakes fall outside the broken-down windows, I will forever be as a willow. Thin and wispy, elegant and regal.

And when I finally do awake from this trance, the world is different. I find melodies everywhere I go, and that is everything I need to show that music is everything this world needs in order to find peace. Adjust your mind to the beat, for it will change your life forever.


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