I’ve always written to be free. These words I write are simple to see. Far from me but near to thee. Unworthy, it will never be.

These words that I tell myself to write are the words that come from my deepest might. The fight that I give to live my life. The fight that I have where I allow myself to grace the night. With my presence, things will glow alight.

And as these things glow, I will know certainly that I make a difference in this world. I close my eyes and I type. I don’t allow myself to see what I write. I simply feel. And that is where the truest words come forth, incredibly real.

There should be no fight to be the best, we should simply test our own abilities to be better than we were yesterday. We shouldn’t try to be better than the person we sit next to at church or at the doctor’s office. There’s something about it that is perceived by culture as being brave, being good, being strong. But to knock someone down to heighten your own place would be wrong. It’s forever written in our hearts, because we truly know this, but we don’t know where to start. We choose not see the things that are clearly in front of us. We think it’s our nature to fight against each other. We believe it to be a race. Who is faster? Who went farther? Who won in first place? But that’s not the point of this day or age.

I recently find myself pushing myself to be better than I was yesterday rather than the person next to me. It’s hard not to compare myself to those around me, as I automatically put myself in another’s shoes when I am around them. I try to feel their pain from their own perspective, and I try to understand where they are coming from. But as I do this, I accidentally compare myself to them. Now I know not to do so, because it’s not fair. We are all different, we all care. Just in different ways, and in different air. It shouldn’t be so easy to knock someone down, but in this day and age, something as simple as a viral social media post can cause renown.

Yet I try to find myself to be kind and gentle as the sea during a cloudless day. I have always wanted to be that way.

So, push aside the reason to hide and become someone else. Because the best thing you can be is yourself. And the greatest way you can improve, is to measure your today to your yesterday.


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