Cherish Peace

Feeling insane, I hope I won’t forget the name of those who gave me wings. Feeling weak and in pain, I’m not going to allow myself to fall from these promises, even though love compromises.

I refuse to find myself in a place where I no longer care. I am a loyal person to a fault, my loyalty is like a vault. The secrets and feelings of friends and family alike will never leave its metal enclosure within my heart. I hope that you will also take part.

I am short of sanity and manically trying to find the answer to the questions I pose. It is little more than simple prose.

I love to read and soon I’ll need to find more material to fuel my ever-growing mind. I find that these actions aren’t entirely mine but part of a sign of something bigger, something that is simply benign.

And in these closing prayers I’ll taste the autumn air, as if silk brushes my lungs, darkness far-flung away from me and my peace.

I will cherish this while it’s here; while this peace and tranquility is near.


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