Behind these hazel eyes, green like the earth, brown like a bull, radiating my Taurus sign. I fit my sign more than I ever thought possible, something I used to deem impossible. But it fits me, more than I could ever see.

I am all about symbolism. Even when it comes to realism. In my everyday life, I search for symbolic things, I search for impossible themes. I take joy in noticing that there’s no such thing as coincidence and that there’s always reason for incidents. As much as it might have frustrated me in the past, it’s something that didn’t last.

Fit together with my own muse and filtered clues, I rush forward to any news pertaining to my projected dreams. They radiate from me, almost like a beam. I will be fully ready once I iron out these seams.

And now it is wonderful what I yearn to know, simply to put on a show. I want my job to be entertainment, and with my excitement, I can hardly contain it.


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