Comfortable In Your Own Skin

I’ve often wondered if there are kind men left in the world, or if they’ve died out. The men I’ve met in my life and been around have always been cruel, abusive, tried humiliating me, and some were people I avoided like the plague.

With the wave of feminism that we are seeing here in the US, it has been made acceptable for women to express being upset or disappointed. But of course, with every good thing comes along people who will abuse that thing. I once watched a video over ten minutes long of a woman screaming into the camera about how much she hated that children’s toys for girls were mostly pink. Well, I don’t know about other girls, but I was obsessed with pink as a kid. (Also, I continued watching the video because it was entertaining).

But I’ve noticed that as we have this wave of feminism, nothing is changing for men. In my perspective, that is entirely unfair to men as a whole. Allow me to explain.

Men are not allowed to cry, or they’ll be made fun of by society. Men aren’t allowed to claim they’ve been abused in any way because they must remain ‘strong’. Men are portrayed as animals in all forms of media when in fact, they are human. They have feelings, insecurities, and they care about those around them.

As a woman, I can tell you something from a woman’s perspective. The thing that I find the most appealing in a man is his ability to allow himself to be sensitive. His generous side. They way he will teach his little sister to ride a bike instead of partying with friends.

These are the kind of men I would consider spending my entire life with, never the societal portrayal of men. And the portrayal of men in the media does them as much a disservice as photoshopped fashion magazines do to women. Men shouldn’t have to cater to the expectations of the media around them. I would love to have a long, honest talk with a guy to see how he thinks, what fascinates him, what he loves and what he just can’t stand.

So, to all the men out there: be yourself. Just as we tell women to be comfortable in their own skin, somebody should allow you to do the same. Don’t shy away from being yourself, because a man who is himself is more fascinating, sexy, and attractive to me than any other man in the world.


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