I once had a doll named Lucy, and I loved her. She could do summersaults and she ended up being my favorite doll out of the many I had acquired.

Over time, as I had nightmares about my dolls, Lucy was the only doll absent from those nightmares. Now, looking back, I wonder if it’s possible that something light and good could have been within her.

I know well how objects can become ‘inhabited’ by things that were evil, but I have never heard of good things inhabiting an object. Maybe somehow when I was younger, the doll represented a guardian angel in the non-physical plane. I believe she did, because as terrified as I was of my other dolls, I was never scared of Lucy. I truly think that something very light and good surrounded her, keeping fear and evil out. Whatever that good thing was, I’m eternally grateful to it. It made my fear livable.

Saruta Valentine

Just a small girl with big dreams… <3