I have been attracted to and fascinated by the paranormal since I was a small child. The paranormal is something that unfailingly grabs my attention. I love the idea of ghost hunting, though I’ve never gotten to do it. I would very much like to do that sometime.

I also grew up in what I consider to be a paranormal household. I often had nightmares about spirits and demons. Though they terrified me and, to a degree, scarred me, I still have a fascination for what lies beyond this 3D plane of existence. What is out there? Can they see us? And most importantly: are they evil?

Ive seen many evil things but I don’t consider the spirit realm to be evil. I’m learning more and more about it, and it never fails to intrigue me.

We are all psychic, we are born that way. But our ego gets in the way as we grow, making us unable to see and experience these things as adults. As a child, I was worried that I was crazy. I had nightmares of my dolls moving and climbing up my bed and then up to my face with piercing red eyes. Meanwhile, I was paralyzed. It didn’t help my nightmares knowing that I had a raggedy Anne doll. But I’m sure she had little in common with Annabelle.

Ive been afraid of basements because of things I’ve seen; glowing red eyes watching me through the vents. One could argue that these were all the product of an over-active imagination, but where exactly does a four-year-old child get such an imagination. I’m convinced there was something there. Regardless of what the truth may be, it seems like I’ve always had a knack for sensing things others don’t. Especially things beyond that blurred line of the 3D and other dimensions.

Saruta Valentine

Just a small girl with big dreams… <3