I usually don’t like to speak about myself, and that may never change. I intend to be an entertainer someday, and I think that art - writing and music - is a better way to speak about myself than rambling on and on for hours about whatever memories I might have. And I do tend to go on for hours.

Sometime in the future, when I’ve reached that goal of becoming an entertainer, I don’t want to give interviews. That might seem like a foolish decision, but it’s one that I’ve made with much thought. I really don’t like being put on the spot, unless it’s to show something I’ve created. I don’t have any interest in telling how I have created it, unless I do it in some other form of art, such as an autobiography (which I intend to write someday).

Maybe this blog will be about my goals to reach my dreams and ambitions. I think that’ll be it. See, I’m still trying to figure it out. I only registered this domain yesterday!

Let’s see…I have tried becoming a published author for the last twelve years. I have tried becoming a singer/entertainer for the last eleven. It’s been a long time I’ve been fighting for this, and I’m not even twenty-five years old yet. But that’s one thing about me: it doesn’t matter how old I am; I am the most ambitious person I know.

It’s nice to be ambitious, because I always have goals and new heights that I’m reaching to. So, where have I gotten with those goals and dreams? Not far. But that doesn’t mean that 2019 won’t be the year that will change things.