An Alternate Method of Cleansing Tarot Cards

This is a small little tutorial (though I wouldn’t call it such) about how to free your tarot cards of negative energy, whether you have just bought them, or are about to ask a question.

Personally, I like to shuffle my tarot deck thoroughly between each use, even if I’m doing one spread after another. I’m very new to tarot, but I am very in tune with the energies around me, and I’m very much an empath, so I’ve noticed the negative energies that can be attached to these cards even as you’ve first bought them. Cleansing them was not an option for me (in any way), so I decided to make my own way of ‘cleansing them’.

All you need is a tarot deck that you love (new or well loved) and your own two hands. Between each reading and spread, I can feel the energy of that reading on the cards. So, to combat that and cleanse them before I do the next spread, I always shuffle them. I picture the energy rising up and away from the cards as I continue to shuffle over and over. Once I’m content that the energy surrounding the cards is absolutely neutral (or close enough), I consider myself ready to do the next reading.

Now, the reason for this is that when I first got my tarot deck and started, I continued to get negative readings over and over, no matter what I thought, meditated, or asked. But I noticed that as I shuffled over and over (painstakingly) that the readings became more and more accurate. This has nothing to do with my ability to read the cards better intuitively because this happened in less than an hour. So, I’ve learned that you definitely want to shuffle out the negative energy that is attached to the cards, especially right after you buy them, no matter where you get them. They have been handled by so many people and pick up so much mixed energy that it’s almost a no-brainer that they would show extremely mixed signals when first opened but not cleansed.

Lastly, I always put my tarot deck back in the box it came in, underneath the pamphlet/book that it comes with, and close the box when I’m done with that. When I do that, I consider it ‘reserving the neutral energy’, or at least keeping it as neutral as possible until the next reading.

Of course, you will still need to shuffle your tarot deck even if it does have neutral energy, as it’s always best to have it in the best condition possible. However, if that’s not your thing, then just make sure they are cleansed to your greatest liking. After all, tarot is very individual, and very much catered to the individual who owns and reads the cards. So do what feels right for you. Though be forewarned: any extra negative or manic energy that may be coming from you in that moment will immediately adhere to the cards, so be careful of your mindset going into each reading and while shuffling. You may shuffle something other than neutral energy into the deck, and it will give a reading that is off-kilter. Either way, if you are doing tarot than you probably already know this.

So, keep reading your tarot, keep your positive and neutral energy in your mind, meditate, and do what makes you happy. After all, even if you are reading for another person or for a job, you are the one connected to the cards! Make sure you are at home with them.


I am who I am. As I’ve left the religion I’ve known my entire life, I find myself being confident enough to delve into the things that I’ve always been interested in - but warned against by the people in my previous religion. I personally don’t believe in the devil, just as I don’t believe in a god. So, things like modern witchcraft don’t bother me. And that’s exactly what I’m into.

It’s amazing how well we can repress our interests when we’re frightened and worried about how others will perceive us, or we’re worried about how god will punish us. But personally, I view all religions as cults. Please take that with a grain of salt. But it’s the truth of how I feel.

But now, without the worry of being damned to hell for eternity, I’ve discovered many interests, the strongest of which is modern-day witchcraft. I’ve discovered that I really want to try it, and I fully intend to delve into it as deeply as I can. I’ve been researching, and of course I have a lot more research to do before I start something, but I enjoy watching videos on YouTube. I’m learning a lot, and all of these things that others I used to have around me said to discourage me…100% of them weren’t true. There’s not even a measly 1% of what they said that was true.

It’s ignorance and the lack of desire to know that truth that is prevalent within Christian communities that makes it easy to hate them. I hated Christians while on the inside of a Christian community! But within their ignorance, it’s not just the desire to not know. I noticed very strongly that ignorance was desired, that it was taught. It was enforced. At least, in my religion it was.

I’m looking forward to starting witchcraft, and looking into it. I’m looking forward to learning more about it. One thing I’m very fascinated by are artifacts and talismans and more advanced magick, but of course, that would take me a while to be able to achieve.

I’m excited for my new ventures, and I feel more free now than I ever have in my entire life.