Hi…long time no see I suppose. Wow, it really has been a while. I’m not all that good with consistency as I’m sure you can see. So, a quick update of my life:

my mom is still sick and I’m still caring for her. While doing so I have become mentally and physically exhausted but have also become very skilled with crochet.

Its always hard to watch someone you love suffer. It’s even harder when you can’t do anything about it. But I figure that it’ll be okay, seeing as she is getting better every day.

So, with that out of the way, I’m still not entirely sure what I want to do with this site - I just know that I feel something deep inside telling me I need it, and to work on it. So there’s that.

I have changed so much since the beginning of this year, 2019. I started out as a very reserved Christian girl with very low confidence. Now I consider myself more or less an atheist and I’m absolutely in love with the changes I’m making to myself. I’m feeling a thousand times better than I did in January.

With that said, however, I still struggle. The autumn and winter months are coming up for me and those are the hardest for me to endure, as I have seasonal depression, meaning my depression gets worse as the sun goes behind the clouds and it gets cooler.

Anyway, I plan to write here more, so I will definitely see you soon.

Saruta Valentine

Just a small girl with big dreams… <3