My voice reaches a new height, under these stars so bright. I have found my solace tonight, as I sing under these concert lights.

True songs and understanding people; there’s no judgment beneath this steeple. Because everything that I am does not mean a thing to them, and everything I am not does not hinder them. Because we are joined in the love of music, brought together by the love for its life. We dance and sing together this night, and we’ll always remember the times we’ve come together for this light.

I starve for these moments, searching for the things that will bring them to life. I reach for the stars, knowing that I will see them truly if I keep my head directed forward. If I keep looking ahead of me, that is the only way I will have to travel. My life will no longer unravel. And as I walk upon this earthy gravel, I have already found everything I’ve searched for.

I’ve explained it all before, so why say it more? But even now, I know that they will all want to know how. If it took me this long, why now? Well, you see, it’s because of this ocean of possibilities, this ocean of faith and belief. Because in the very end, if we want to reach our dreams, we can simply go for them…or we sit here and allow them to remain a dream.

It’s our choice.


Take Flight

Painting scenes and knowing wings. Soft Celtic music and sewn up seams. Little kittens with eyes so green. These are the things that cause happiness in me.

Quite books read in cozy nooks. Warm food and aesthetic looks. Watching water flow in a small crook. These are the things that bring me eyes to look.

Flowing water and braided hair. Twinkling trees and fresh summer air. Thousands of dips and plenty of care. These are the things that seem to me fair.

Snowy cities and crisp flakes of white. Skylines and airlines decorated bright. Glowing and dancing like a dream in the night. These are the things that make me take flight.