Hallow’s Eve

Here on Hallow’s Eve, I find myself daring to leave. Something deep inside of me; something that now brings me peace.

On this once frightening day, I see children out to play. On this once frightening spirit, I know now how to clear it.

Oh Hallow’s Eve, how beautiful you are, with every mark and every scar. I watch you from afar. Envious of all that you are. I find myself drawn to the darkness, the frightening faces and creatures. There’s something about it that my mind needs to feature. Something deep within that calls my name; the name I bore in another life I lived. I feel as though it’s calling out to me, rattling against my own ribs. Trying to get to my heart, to the very core and the very start. As I find that perhaps only the darkness understands me, you are here to simply let me be.


Happy Halloween everybody!