Feeling Better

Feeling so much better than I have a long time. Slept literally all day and I’m feeling great. Also, I’m trying to eliminate stressors. I don’t want to go into details but my biggest stressor was gone for a day, hence the day of sleep.

I’m on my way to not having that stress anymore, and I’m hoping my health will significantly improve as a result.

It’s been a little hard to write lately just because I’ve been so worn out, but this has rejuvenated me.

I’m so grateful!



Now revitalized and rejuvenated I can start my journey anew. I find myself wandering towards the stars, although I can’t see them through a clear blue sky. Still, I’d like to dance to their tune. I’d like to listen to their small whispers of fate and the songs they sing when nobody is listening.

Now restored, I can move along once more. Steady and y’all, I stand as immovable as the earth element of my own zodiac sign.

Grateful for this calm present, I look forward to a pleasant future.