I Love You

I love your face, your subtle grace. The way everything you seem to ace.

I love your voice, that soft tempo with which you sing so sincerely and kindly, loving those around you.

I love your everlasting truth, and I ache with the need to hold you each time your breath is taken by pain, each time your efforts feel in vain. Because this world has not treated you right; they don’t deserve your wisdom, your freedom and flight. And it’s not okay how they fight, but not for what’s right.

I will stand by your side unlike any before me. I will walk behind you and guard your back. I will be there to wipe the tears and to take your fears. I will be there to make you laugh, to love you truly and to understand you on a level no one has before.

Because you are everything to me. To see sadness in your eyes brings tears to mine because it hurts so bad to watch you suffer. I will do anything to see that smile that shines the brightest, to face the world in their mocking of us to believe that we are freaks. Well, allow them to say what they will. I would rather be a freak than someone on the sidelines watching you weep.

It seems that I have known you for eternity; the depth within your eyes stirs everlasting love in me. There’s nothing you could do to steer me away, because I know it would only be in an effort to not be hurt again.

There’s nothing you could do in order to make me not love you. I will give everything to you in a way the rest of the world will not, and a second chance is more than what you deserve. A second chance to love and be loved. Because honey, this world doesn’t know how to love. Not in the way you do.

And if you so desired it, I would walk away, making sure to remain a support every step of the way. If you needed something, I would go without, just to see the smile in your eyes when you realize you aren’t alone.

Because there’s nothing thats more true than the fact that I love you.


In These Days

These days are the days the morning rays pierce the heart that I once held far away. The heart I once held close. And now I understand that it’s okay to be who I need to be.

Everything in this day is everything I ever needed; for that voice will be heeded.

Everything during this day can be dealt with, if you wake up knowing you are loved and fall asleep knowing the same. That’s why you call my very name.

Hours of experience and causes to follow, these days will give me everything that I allow.

In these days, I have discovered my own ways, somewhere along the waves of the sea that seems to look back at me.

And in these days, I will forever see you face, lying dormant behind every word you speak to me within your grace.


Wintry winds fill me with their icy breath. I often don’t know what I need, nor do I understand what I want. But I trust that it will all work itself out.

Stretching these muscles within my brain, I’ll shift my focus into another lane. For what have I to gain if I cry for things in vain?

No, sometimes I don’t know, but it’s worth a try. It’s worth the effort to take the dive. To step forward towards these things that alight my mind. They won’t always be this kind.

Crafting each word with care, I inhale cold air. As summer leaves and autumn begins, I find my patience wearing thin. But I won’t give up because I know what I’m made of. Small victories and deeper roots, this will always be my truth. Seeing to another day and another night, I count the days down till that flight. The time where I can spread my wings, with all of the peace and tears of happiness it brings. I have endured things I never thought I would, and I’ve done things I never thought could, but under this gentle hood, I will strive for what is good.

In these tears that fall from my face, I’ll find my own place. Within all these pains and fallen grace, I shall face them all with integrity and grace.

Fall From Grace

As I fall from grace, when you see my face will you still love me? As I fall from grace, the cherry blossoms fall to the pavement beneath me, showing their alliance.

Shooting stars as they fall from their own place, am I not alone in this frightening facet of loneliness? Am I not solitary in my fight for openness?

The author of my own life, it should be my right to place things where I want them. But often those things have a different plan, something that I’m beginning to understand.

To recollect that future happiness, or what I thought would come from it – I would have to find my own beautiful nest. I’d build it high in the sky so that I may see the planets soar by on their paths through eternity. I would allow the pads of my bare feet leave the earth, daring to fly up to where I’d never be found.

I desire that night, as stars align and I can study the cities’ light. I desire that very eternal peace that comes to me as I watch the Milky Way turn, so fast it could it could burn us if it chose to. But it chose not to. It has given us life, so why not more? Why not explore what it has to offer, because as my feet lift off the ground I do not have wings – I am defying gravity. I am denying it its reign.

Because it will never hold me back again.