To depart from this world in a little wooden ship; to me I’ve been stripped of the lies attached at the hip. Never too late to get out, but I find myself with frozen lips.

It floats in the air, among dust and cloud. These inklings of imagination around it yearn loud. As these entities search to become, something so much more than none.

Maybe I haven’t thought it through, maybe I’ve allowed my emotions to take over. Or maybe I stand exactly where I should be. Towering over these simple truths, maybe I won’t allow them any use.

No, perhaps I’ve been harsh, my patience now sparse. I have forgiven, and now that I have, I may finally feel the peace I once considered forbidden.



Things made of crystal and sweet butterflies. All of these little things make us wise. Deep within the mountainside, in a cabin it lies.

Swift words and herds of cattle mingling outside, with not a thought of what’s behind the doors.

But it would not be a horror, no. It would be full of beauty. Things turned to crystal and brought back to life now my duty. My pointed ears and nose, no one would know. I am here, as I listen with one ear. This magic emanates from my fingertips, finally giving these crystal a glimpse of the lives they’ve missed.

I am a Restorer; someone to restore those frozen to what they were before. It is ignorance and hatred that causes these creatures this curse so sore. It has caused many a war.

So, I work alongside crystal and hide. Here within this cabin of mine. Nothing can touch me here; there is no nothing I fear.

A fairy like me can’t possibly be seen by those with a vision less keen. But still I can be known by those whose lies away they’ve thrown. And even on this mountaintop, as I restore lives, living without lies. It can be lonely to hide, but I don’t mind.

For I find much meaning and joy in this work of mine.