Saruta Valentine

So, when I was twelve, I created a character. Her name was Saruta Valentine. Obviously, that is the name of my blog here. I decided a long time ago that with my music and writing that I would take that name to be my stage name. Saruta was and is everything I wished I was and everything I wanted to be. Beautiful, smart, strong, bold, etc. So, I thought that for today, I’d show you a little bit of my characters, and I’d write a small segment from her world. It’s probably not going to appear in any book about her (if I do end up finishing that novel I spoke about last post), but I just want to share her. She saved my life. I want her to save others’ as well.


There was nothing good about the outcome of it. Everything had gone wrong. How could it go so wrong? But then I have to remind myself that everything goes wrong in my life.

Dristan stands next to me, leaning against the wall of the medium-sized house, his arms folded and his soft eyes closed. His medium-length black hair falls into his face, swept to one side. “It’s not like we could have done anything different.” he reminds me, seemingly reading my thoughts. “People were killed. It’s that simple.”

Anger flares in my chest. I stalk over to his towering frame – much taller than my five-foot-seven – and ball up my fist, ready to punch him. “How dare you? Those people were killed because of me! Me! They were my responsibility. They had lives. They had families, and now you’re going to tell me that none of it matters?”

He shakes his head, exasperated. Finally, he opens his maroon-colored eyes. “No, I’m not telling you that it doesn’t matter. I’m telling you that you need to calm down. I’m just being realistic. There’s nothing more you can do.”

No, you’re being apathetic. I tell myself. I spin on my heels, not willing to give him any more of my words, and I walk out of the house and down the tattered streets. Everyone is cautious at the sight of me. The daughter of the man who is destroying the world; Lord Maurakuta. The renegade princess that ran from her home in Vampirva and now brings more death than she brings life.

When I ran away at eight years old, I only wanted to escape it all. I wanted to escape the killing and the threshold of violence. It seems like I was truly foolish to believe that I could ever do such a thing. It’s been so many years since that day. I’ve found my second family again, the family that I’m not related to but the people I see as family nonetheless. Drek, Dristan, Tryston, and Tia. They are my family, as well as other stragglers. We’re all outcasts, hated by the world and planet of Aria. Hated by the paradoxical nature that we’ve been forced to succumb to.

I stuff my hands in my jean pockets, walking down the streets, trying to ignore the whispers and stares. My red, orange, and yellow hair practically glow in the Suns’ light as if they were the very fire that killed families; my eyes the same color of their blood.

I sigh. But before I can do anything else, a strange blackened mist starts weaving along the ground. In tendrils of darkness, the Chaos is alive in the light of day. It whispers, and I can hear the voices of insanity that it brings with its presence. Soon enough, it rises from the ground and lunges at me. I dodge, throwing myself to the dirt and out of its way.

As I turn to sit up again, the Chaos begins to form a wall in front of me and around me. I notice in my peripheral vision that the people around me have either already fled or are currently fleeing.

Chaos, the most malevolent energy on the planet of Aria. With its whispers of insanity and its stinging touch, it can turn someone into a Chaogen with just a simple touch, infecting the person and soon turning them into something less than human. That is, if they don’t die from the pain first.

Examining the field around me, I realize that I’m surrounded. I pull my twin guns from the holsters that hug my lower back, and point them at the energy. The bullets may not do much, but the Chaos might retreat from their impact. Currently, it’s all I’ve got.

I sigh. Just another day….


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